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While the demands of running a leading Hollywood shark tank prevent Endeavor superagent Ari Emnauel from publicly sharing his myriad confusions, frustrations, and topical expressions of fraternal love as often as we'd like, we know that we can count on our blogging inspiration to deliver the kind of cutting-edge political commentary that's now synonymous with his Huffington Post byline when national events demand an immediate response by a representative of the entertainment industry. Blogs Emanuel in "The Clock is Ticking on Cheney," his near-instantaneous dispatch on today's Washington-rocking Scooter Libby news:

My prediction about Dick Cheney is one step closer to coming true. My clock gives it three weeks before his resignation letter lands on Bush's desk. What does your clock say?

As we assume that both Emanuel's original prediction and unflatteringly braggy follow-up were thoroughly vetted by an assistant in Congressman brother Rahm's office, we'll happily accept his clock, confident that in three week's time we'll return to his cozy corner of the HuffPo and be able to read all about Cheney's resignation and Rice's promotion in a post humbly titled "I Fucking Told You So."