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We officially apologize for scoffing at ABC's seemingly desperate plans to score a much-needed comedy hit by adapting Geico's Cavemen commercials into a groundbreaking sitcomfomercial pilot; when we made our ill-considered and premature comments, we had no idea that the potential show already has an installed fanbase so maniacal in its devotion to the hilarious ads that they're moved to undertake unlicensed merchandising activities, like this talking, insurance-flogging Neanderthal doll offered on eBay, to support ABC's bold vision. One hopes that the passion of this fan for original commercial Caveman John Lehr can persuade the network to allow the actor to reprise his role in the pilot, rather than dooming the project to failure by fitting sitcom albatross Mark Feuerstein for a full-body hair-suit and jutting prosthetic brow.