Media Bubble: Go To Zell

  • Real estate magnate Sam Zell will probably buy Tribune, which would be nice because it'll finally put an end to this fucking story. [LAT]
  • Alexandra Wallace, new executive producer of NBC's "Nightly News," promises better ratings, looks for places even more dangerous than Iraq to send Brian Williams. [Philadelphia Inquirer]
  • Kurt Eichenwald is just a generous soul, and that's the story he's sticking with. [AP]
  • Absolute fucking genius designer Chip Kidd soils himself in our eyes [Ed. Note: Eww? In your eyes?] by working with Jann Wenner. [NYP]
  • Pulitzer Prize winner gets lands on Free Parking courtesy of story subject, does not pass go, does not collect $200. Cool! [Willamette Weekly]
  • Joe Dolce is a survivor. Bonnie Fuller? Remains to be seen. [Ibid]
  • This article on the advent of content ratings for new media in Britain contains the saddest photocredit we've ever seen. [Guardian]
  • NYT predicts 30% growth in 2007 online revenues. Also world peace, bigger cock, flying cars, etc. [MediaPost]
  • Black-hating dude somehow thinks playing the Tarantino card will make him more sympathetic. [Fox News]
  • Good news: If Jon Friedman is covering Ann Coulter, 46, it means her period of relevance is coming to an end. [Marketwatch]
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  • Tom Brokaw snaps up the late Barbara Epstein's UWS pad, possibly for his daughter. [NYO]