If we've read one 'rich Manhattanites will do anything to get their kids into preschool' article, we've read a hundred. The one in today's Sun is different, though, for two reasons: 1) It's not in New York magazine and 2) it mentions a new weapon in these toddling overachievers' arsenals: r sum s. Also, video r sum s. One preschool director even received a "media kit." But don't worry—she found it "distasteful." Some parents are undaunted, though, and defend their choice to pimp their children however they think best: "'There's such a supply-and-demand imbalance,' the Greenwich Village resident, who asked not to be identified, said. 'It seems like the chances of getting into an Ivy League school or graduate program are better. You can't imagine the stress it creates for parents.'" The stress it creates for people who are just trying to cling to their last shred of hope for humanity was not mentioned.

Preschool Directors Balk at Toddler R sum s [NYS]