The marketing geniuses at Calvin Klein think they can replicate the success of "generation-defining" CKOne by marketing their new smell, CKIn2U, to today's hip young "technosexuals," with lines like "She likes how he blogs, her texts turn him on. It's intense. For right now." But are the technosexuals buying it? Huh! No! "What's most interesting about our generation is that it is very obvious when brands are attempting to market down to us when they use our own vernacular or types of personal technology," ex-College Humor rich dude Zach Klein (pictured) opined, adding "abbreviating in2u like that is lame." His friend Youngna "Gothamist food lady" Park (snapped by the Times at her laptop!) agreed: "I just imagine kids putting on cologne to sit behind their computers. That's really weird." We're withholding judgment until our Balthazar-going chief Lockhart Steele weighs in. He would totally know.

How To Bottle A Generation [NYT]