A middle-aged—"Ok, somewhat old"—Williamsburg author is looking for an assistant who will give him or her "access to the lives of the type of local residents who look like Karen O. or Conor Oberst and who do cool things that will be subject matter for the kind of work today's publishers demand." We suspect that someone—maybe Craig himself!—is just fucking with us at this point.

Still, on the off chance that this ad is real, we'd like to know who you think this author is. He or she is "semifamous," has written "fiction and nonfiction," and has been reviewed " in the New York Times Book Review, Los Angeles Times, Newsday, etc."

We'd guess it's Rayo Casablaca, the author of 6 Sick Hipsters (remember, the book that recently sold about "six friends who try to take down a serial killer after realizing he is systematically taking out Williamsburg, Brooklyn's most famous underground hipsters?) but "semifamous" seems a stretch. Anyway, send us your guesses or leave them in the comments.

Williamsburg Author Seeks Hipster Intern [Craigslist]