Manhattan Bride introduces us to Claudine DeSola and Brian Gumbel, who were married at the Palm House at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. Their backstory is charmingly chronicled on the site. It puts their Vows to shame, not least because their story is titled "Love & Aerobics."

They met just like two ordinary folks.

One night when we were in college, Brian's fraternity took an aerobics class together and I was the instructor. Of course they were 'checking out' the girls. I had enough, so I asked a few of them to excuse themselves. Brian was one of those allowed to stay. He was so well-mannered and seemed to be really interested in working out. After class he came up and thanked me for giving him a good workout and said he would try to take my class again. I thought to myself, 'Wow. He is so cute and seems nice too!' The next day I walked into my psychology class and saw Brian. For the rest of the semester we sat next to each other every Friday for three hours. We would write really funny notes to each other (which we have saved). Brian and I were great friends. One night we were at a party, just talking as usual, but we were on the subject of 'relationships.' Something just zinged. That's when Brian kissed me. It was the best kiss I ever had. We had been dating for over six years and went to see 'The Lion King.' After the show we walked to Rockefeller Center to see the Christmas tree. Brian asked if I wanted to sit on a bench. Then he got on one knee in front of me and started tearing. 'I've loved you for a long time and I have been wanting to do this. Will you marry me?' He pulled out a beautiful wooden box with a ring. Afterwards, we went to a lounge called Lemon that we love. We walked in and there were all our friends, clapping and hugging us. They had champagne and toasts.

That is the nicest story we've ever heard. Is this Manhattan, Kansas Bride?

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