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· Another little piece of our teenage innocence is torn from us as Eddie Van Halen heads off to rehab. We always thought Michael Anthony would be the first to go, what with that Jack Daniels bass and the constant whiskey-chugging on stage. We blame David Lee Roth, somehow.
· Anna Nicole: The lovingly crafted, hand-sewn finger puppets. It was only a matter of time.
· This depression stuff is really affecting Rosie's blogging. All she can say to the Idol guy's angry response to her weightism/racism charges is a weak, " well.../what can u say really/from the coca-cola red couch/i call it as i see it/nigel l - sam r/same same same/1985 - 2007/blah blah blah blah/blah blah blah blah."
· Happy third birthday to Thighs Wide Shut, whose celebratory post will completely overload your already blog-addled brain.