Media Bubble: Couric &. Co. Mostly Just Co. When It Comes To Big Decisions

  • CBS News hired Rick Kaplan without consulting Katie Couric. They probably just didn't want her to worry her pretty little head about it. [NYT]
  • Barry Diller and Dow Jones are birthing a new personal finance site. You know, for kids. Web 1.0 relic Dave Kansas will be running the show. [NYP]
  • Jack Shafer is apparently the only journalist Portfolio did not try to hire. Also, what's the deal with Kurt Eichenwald, etc. [Slate]
  • WSJ ad revenue took a bit of a dip. [NYP]
  • Rupert Murdoch and S.I. Newhouse are both fairly well off. [WWD]
  • Graydon Carter roast: "Bono, guest editor of VF's July issue, turned up in the video wearing a gray fright wig vaguely resembling Carter's gull-wing hairdo. Smoking three cigarettes at once, Bono mumbled, 'Story ideas: Christopher Hitchens on why Martin Luther King is overrated!'" Damn you, Bono, you win this round. [NYDN]
  • If you create enough websites, eventually one of them will catch on, right? [MediaPost]