There are two types of blogospheric sensations: the utterly predictable (the electronic op-edification provided by the Huffington Post, the breathless bitchiness barfed up by Gawker) and the truly original. We lean toward the latter around here—you know, stuff that actually involves independent thinking.

So says Village Voice Media, on the front page of their website. Well, we're going to take this corporate editorial position as a compliment nonetheless; it's always nice to be acknowledged. And we love independent thinking too! Let's see what kind of independent thinking makes the front of some VVM titles from around the country this week.

You get the point. (Bonus: Every paper has Nathan Lee's review of The 300.) We can't wait until Tony Ortega brings this kind of independence here to New York. We really need it. Our suggestion: something about when Jake Shears' dog goes crazy on the seamy underbelly of the Lower East Side and the detectives who spy on him while he dresses Ana Matronic up like Anna Nicole Smith.

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