Today's Times offers an obituary for the lamented, recently-departed Roxy. While we're all mourning the loss of one of New York's "gay playgrounds," we're not sure that we could put it any more eloquently than one of the story's interviewees:

"Oh, my God, I had my coming-out party here 11 years ago," said Terrence Cairy, a reed-thin, 35-year-old jewelry designer from Melville, on Long Island. "I brought my friends and broke the news. Some friends I lost, some friends I kept."
But, he said, "This place stayed. Oh, my God, I used to come here every weekend. One friend, I brought him here three years ago to come out. It's a safe place to come out, and oh, my God, it has the best D.J.'s in the city."

Oh my God, we're going to miss it.

Last Hurrah for a Gay Playground [NYT]
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