Hey, see that guy over there by the bar? OMG, don't point! He'll see that we're checking him out! Turn around slow, like you are just happening to look over in that direction... totally hot, right? I just love that tattooed-sleeves look. It reminds me of like, really tough and cool rock stars. Like Benji Madden! Or maybe Dave Navarro but he is kind of old. Do you think he would buy me a drink? I don't even have any piercings except my navel and my ears!!! I am probably so not his type. I mean, you have to be seriously committed to being like really, really alternative to have fully tattooed arms like that. There are probably a lot of jobs that guy couldn't have, like, they probably would not let him work in a day care! He is probably a DJ or, like, a whitewater rafting guide. Wait! What is that thing at his wrist? Um, are his tattoos actually just TATTOO-PATTERNED NYLON ARM STOCKINGS?

Sleeves Tees [Thrillist]