Can Mia Tyler's Memoir Outshine This Press Release's Profundity?

Steven Tyler's daughter is writing her memoirs! No, sorry, not Liv. That other one. The plus size one who was on The Simple Life The Surreal Life! She's writing a book called Creating Myself for S&S's ladylit imprint Atria, and there is a press release about it that's not so much breathless as it is oxygen-deprived. The book will be a "deeply coming of age personal memoir!" But that's not all. It will also recount Mia's troubled past. "On the surface, Mia Tyler would seem to have been born into a fantasy life as the daughter of a rock star and a glamour girl. But Mia spent nearly 20 years as a trouble-filled youth." How Jerri Blank! We can't wait to read it.