Yesterday, our allegedly cooler siblings at Idolator shared their thoughts about Tricia Romano's In Defense of Ultragrrrl Voice cover story. Today, world champion cat blogger Rich Juzwiak of Fourfour weighs in, so brilliantly that we believed in the internet again (again!) The whole thing is a must-read, but we have plucked out the highlights in deference to your ADD. If you only read one more bullet-pointed list about Ultragrrrl, let it be this one!

  • "She has this way of spinning hipness and pluck and zazz and what appears to be genuine enthusiasm into (again, what appears to be) a cushy lifestyle. As hustles go, you can't really knock Lewitinn's."
  • "And so, I ask seriously, because, after reviewing the facts again, my mind is boggled: what the fuck does Ultragrrrl need to be defended against? Isn't she, like, winning at life and lunching with greatness?"
  • "Message-board and blog comments mock Lewitinn's appearance (to the degree that makes Romano's heart bleed) ... Big. Deal. When you're visibly successful, you're going to have people who hate you. When you write a blog further heightening your success' visibility and otherwise blathering about your fabulous lifestyle, you're going to have more people hate you ...That's life."
  • "The Internet can be a funhouse of emotions, where people feel free to distort, gushing or seething at the blippiest of passing fancies because ultimately, succinct, precise writing is hard, damn it ...The transfer of emotions in an online setting is some telenovela shit."
  • "Obviously, I believe in the power and potential truth of the Internet, otherwise, I wouldn't waste my time on this blog."
  • Yes, us too again now. Now and forever!
  • The Offensive [Fourfour]