Seen the real estate market lately? Noticed how black people are running for president? Did you enjoy bonus season downtown? Are you thinking endlessly about yourself? Try and tell us it's not the eighties all over again. For the benefit of those of you who, like our dear and dewy co-editor Emily, are too young to remember that decade, we've put together some signs of that terrible era's icons and its current analogues.

THEN: SpringsteenNOW: The Killers
THEN: David SalleNOW: John Currin
THEN: Jay McInerneyNOW: Dana Vachon
THEN: Tama JanowitzNOW: Melissa Bank
THEN: The OdeonNOW: The Waverly Inn
THEN: CocaineNOW: Cocaine
THEN: Kurt AndersenNOW: Dave Eggers (Ow, we know.)
THEN: Chip KiddNOW: Chip Kidd
THEN: Saturday Night LiveNOW: 30 Rock
THEN: Eddie MurphyNOW: Eddie Murphy, but, you know, Norbit Eddie Murphy
THEN: TV miniseriesNOW: Shows that last six episodes
THEN: GraffitiNOW: Blogs
THEN: "I'm With Stupid"NOW: Douch ($19.99)
THEN: Dave BarryNOW: Andy Borowitz
THEN: SpyNOW: Nothing could take the place of Spy. It is inimitable, though many have tried. Spy was a historic event, the likes of which shall never be repeated. Although Radar gives it a half-assed shot.