"In 2005 [Sarah Lewitinn] wrote The Pocket DJ, a book of playlists for different genres, moods, and occasions. It sold 38,000 copies—successful enough that she's signed to do a second book, The Pocket Karaoke," yesterday's Voice cover article told us. Hmm, we thought, that's a very impressive figure! Especially because the numbers gleaned from Nielsen Bookscan, which doesn't track all retail outlets, are very different: like 30,000 copies different. Being sort of like journalists, we decided to investigate.

First stop: Tricia Romano! "I asked her what the sales were, I didn't check against that with her publisher and just took her word for it. I asked her twice, and she gave me the same number both times." Well that if asking twice isn't a test of accuracy, we don't know what is! We went ahead and asked Simon Spotlight Entertainment's publicity director whether she could explain why Bookscan shows fewer than 8,000 copies sold. "Corporate-policy prevents us from releasing sales figures but I can confirm that a large portion of the book sales were through special sales." There you have it, sort of: Ultragrrrl's book is a huge success, possibly!

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