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What's the best thing an agent can do before ditching out of his contract with ICM to jump ship to Endeavor? Email all those confidential work documents to his wife—which is what Richard Abate did, according to a letter sent yesterday to the judge in the suit ICM is bringing against the brash lit agent.

The lawyers for ICM tell Judge Leisure (swear to God! Judge Leisure, the opposite of Judge Dredd?) this:

As this Court will see, the attachments thereto are voluminous and contain names, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, book proposal information, and other notes regarding ICM's clients. According to ICM's records, this particular information was emailed to Mr. Abate's wife's personal email address while he was employed by ICM (in further breach of his duty of loyalty) and within hours before his internal announcement that he was leaving ICM in clear violation of his employment contract to start a book division at ICM's competitor, The Endeavor Group. Currently, ICM is continuing to discover additional emails that Mr. Abate sent in the days and months preceding his termination that it intends to introduce at the upcoming hearing.

Sadly, all these emails are sealed. Boo. But! Evidentiary hearing! March 22! See you there—because that's when we're going to hand-deliver instructions on how to open a damn Hotmail or Gmail account to poor Richard. When will everyone learn?