Lots of hand-wringing and executive-firing has been going on at the Gap lately, mostly because no one is buying their clothes. So like a week ago or something, they came out with a new TV ad which, we assume, is meant to herald the new era of Gap-ness. It's not growing on us! Poor Claire Danes had to wear those awful "Boyfriend" khakis, which just accentuate the fact that the girl—bless her heart!—has meatier thighs than the average Hollywood actress, and that Patrick Wilson, while hot, doesn't look like he's anyone of the female persuasion's boyfriend. And that music. GAH. It hurts our brains to hear it. Who did they focus group this one with, Faith Popcorn? That gal at the Cinnabon store in the Short Hills Mall? Oh right, they did.

Anything You Can Do [YouTube]