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We know that we dashed off a quick link about this on the way out the door early last night, but we feel it's our sacred responsibility to briefly revisit the matter if that helps one of America's most beloved, if criminally underemployed, entertainers unbury himself from underneath the avalanche of prematurely delivered condolence cards and sympathetic flower arrangements that the false Wikipedia report of his death has generated: Sinbad is still alive! Unfortunately, the brief controversy forced the actor to reveal a stunning secret that we've long suspected: that he is, in fact, Jesus. "Saturday I rose from the dead and then died again," He told the AP in a phone interview. Those uncomfortable with His unexpected revelation of divinity should feel free to believe that it might have been a Sinbad sound-a-like who spoke to the news organization, a coping strategy that should help untold millions maintain the beautiful mystery provided by the inherent uncertainty of true faith.