Let me get this straight. Sumner Redstone's Viacom, outraged at video grabs of programs such as the Daily Show, orders Google to remove more than 100,000 clips from its Youtube video sharing site. And then the 83-year-old media tycoon authorizes a $1bn lawsuit against the Mountain View search engine for "exploiting the devotion of fans" for its own enrichment. And why not, while Viacom's at it, sue other video sharing sites that offer copyrighted material, such as iFilm? Ah, awkward: that particular video hub is owned by — you've guessed it — a media conglomerate that just declared war on Youtube, Viacom itself. (Though we can understand why the aged mogul, who controls two separate media conglomerates with a mixture of movie, TV and internet units, might be confused.) Here's a clip from Oprah's chat show, its copyright jealously protected, which we loaded up to iFilm, on which Viacom sells advertising, and enriches itself, presumably by exploiting the devotion of Oprah's fans.