Glaring Omissions reproduces tips received from readers in the last week that weren't covered on Gawker, either by accident (rarely) or design (almost always).

  • "i run a nursing home in denver so i rarely come across anything tipworthy. however, one thing i know is elder hair and i believe jonathan adler had a lavender wash in his hair last night on top design. eighty is the new forty?"
  • "Tip for ya—Next time you decide to assassinate the character of a candidate for the Presidency of The United States, be sure that it's the REAL MORON, and not just someone a little goofy, deal?"
  • "Can you please send me the transcript from Oprah's recent appearance on the Ellen show? Thanks."
  • "I was shopping at Bloomingdale's the other day and met this very enthralling fashion stylist. Apparently she made a stop at Bloomingdale's with some clients. After a few minutes there were more women contagiously walking up. I just had to write in about her! Apparently this is the new 'in' thing. Im
  • "i love the underminer so much i can't tell you. sometimes i thnk about touching her undermining wand but its so big i think i might hurt myself. sigh... the underminer is dreamy...."
  • "I thought by now we'd have your take on the re-design of the New York Social Diary website. It seems a little overwhelming and complicated, perhaps I'm just used to the old simpler page?"
  • "Question: I got hired by XM Satellite Radio but am kept in contract with a film distribution production company that has me on a ban for two months without working. How can i get along? I make good music and cant make any or enough money off of it. Ive handled some big assignments and have yet to get paid. Lots of people found them useful even people in the media and in the Wihte House. How do I Get betterPaid? Im expecting monies from a celebrity or two."
  • [And from the same person:] "Can you get me on a show i talk about all kind s of dangerous stuff and other happening things. right now im talking about dangerous insects and killer catepillars to the government because they are attacking people. plus more and more help out......"
  • "I hear Peyton Manning will guest host Saturday Night Live on March 24th. I have an opening act suggestion. Have the cameras showing him backstage just before being introduced, audibizing to the stage hands, shouting with hands pressed to his mouth, as he usually does when he plans to change the play (or, in this case, the joke). They could have him motioning to other stage hands to move to the other side of the room, while positioning other stage hands to move directly behind him. Then he'll extend his arms to let everyone know he might have to mix up the material if sees something from the audience he doesn't like. If done right, I think this would work great. Just a thought!"
  • "I used to really enjoy reading gawker, but now, it seems almost every week, there is something about race, where I'm not sure if its a hating thing. It makes me feel very uncomfortable. I thought your magazine was gossip oriented, not some rant or political thing. Who cares how many black people, Jewish people, white people, whatever run for president? That's so old, trying to divide people. Shame."
  • "I know they just buy ad space on your page, but honestly is the Snorg t-shirt girl "special"? She's cute, but with the crazy look in her eyes and the way her mouth is always WIDE open it seems that she either fell off a horse or was kicked in the head by one at a young age. I apologize for wasting your time."
  • How come my sightings are never posted? Am I doing something wrong? Ive sent in 3 within the past year and pics to back up the sightings."
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