You know, we've been on the fence for a while about Babble. We mean, do 'cool, urban' parents really need another venue in which to, um, babble about their kids' precocity? They've already got Child, Cookie, and New York Magazine! But can you imagine any of those publications thoughtfully and unpuritanically answering a question from a pregnant mom who signs her letter "Sick of Being Smokeless"? Rebecca Odes and Ceridwen Morris don't come up with a conclusive answer—in fact, it seems that there kinda isn't one—but they also don't shilly shriek about the effect that a few morning-sickness-supressing tugs on, say, a vaporizer might have on a developing fetus. Thanks, Babble—we think we might be able to someday bear children after all!

Just How Dangerous Is Smoking Pot While Pregnant? [Babble]