Okay. This is how it all went down. See, Vice's party, at SXSW the other night? Tooootally out of control! They'd switched the party location to an Elks Lodge in Austin, far from all the action but presumably more hipster-white trash-cool? Or something. Anyway, right after Against Me!'s set, the balcony began to collapse. Right away, some enterprising soul from Brooklyn (obvs) has put pieces of the rubble up on eBay.

I returned to the scene later in the morning and retrieved pieces of this historic pile of rubble. Here is your chance to own a piece for yourself. I am pictured below retrieving the pieces from the scene, so you know they're real and authentic. Also comes with a copy of the most recent issue of Vice Magazine. I have four pieces of the balcony as pictured below, and the high bidder will have first choice of piece.

The Berlin Wall it's not—but then again, no one's bid on it yet.

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