Stephanie Rosenbloom puff-profiled Alice Walker's daughter Rebecca yesterday, pointing out that her new memoir is "unusual in that it is a pregnancy book with a message for women who are not yet pregnant"—that message being 'put having children before your career if you know that you want them.' Personally, we find that message about as "unusual" as, say, a "bisexual" woman who eventually ends up with a dude, but that's just us! Rosenbloom's piece also quotes fellow professional feminist Jennifer Baumgardner as saying that Walker is "extremely significant for younger feminists" and "a superstar." The Book Review seems unconvinced on that front, however, calling Walker's book a "solipsistic open diary" and "merely a paean to pampering." Well, we suppose that if there's one thing we've learned from all this, it's that you can have it both ways.

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