Bearing a passing resemblance to Jon Heder probably won't get you much in this town, but it's apparently at least good enough to get some wire service shooting gallery time at a porn-star-studded gala where Coolio is the highest-profile guest. Over on his blog, comedian Marc "The Guy Who Lived In A Reasonably Priced Foreign Car For A Week" Horowitz posts this video about his short, but heady, experience breathing the rarefied air of Napoleon Dynamite-level celebrity at prodigiously becocked thespian Ron Jeremy's recent birthday party, during which he enjoyed the brief attention of some adult performers impressed by the belief that they were in the presence of an actual B-lister. Now that the Hollywood event-throwing world has been alerted to this doppelganger in its midst, we imagine that the security at the upcoming Blades of Glory premiere will be air-tight, with Heder himself a likely victim of a red carpet stun-gunning from a hair-triggered publicist who thinks she's just bagged herself an interloping imposter.