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  • Lindsay Lohan dissed Wilmer Valderrama for dedicating a Matchbox 20 song to her at karaoke. Stars: they're just like us, only lamer. [R&M]
  • Omg, the side part of Lindsay Lohan's breast. [Egotastic]
  • Page Six somehow hears that head Sixer Richard Johnson and his wife just had a baby. They almost broke the story! [Page Six]
  • Prostitution? "Depression stemming from her years as an undercover cop?" The stewardess who fucked Ralph Fiennes is way more interesting than Ralph Fiennes. Also, nice 80's-style AIDS reference, Page Six. WTF. [Page Six]
  • Nicole Richie is collapsing and slurring her words on the set of 'The Simple Life.' [Gatecrasher]