When Steve Fishman detailed the scandalous doings of fired Wal-Mart marketing exec Julie Roehm in New York's February 12 issue, he downplayed the possibility that Wal-Mart had been justified in firing Roehm and her colleague Sean Womack for having an inappropriate relationship in favor of a thinkier take on the flaws in Wal-Mart's corporate culture. Fishman quoted Roehm as saying that she knew what her former employer had in terms of evidence and that "It will look sensational, but it's irrefutable evidence that we're really good friends ... he's like a brother to me." Today, the Times excerpts some of that irrefutable evidence: "'I hate not being able to call you or write you,' Ms. Roehm wrote early last fall, according to an e-mail message Mr. Womack's wife provided to Wal-Mart. 'I think about us together all the time. Little moments like watching your face when you kiss me.'" Like a brother? Like an Angelina Jolie brother maybe!

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