The kind folks at Vogue Hommes International (French for Vogue International Hommes) sent over a copy of the latest issue, a redesigned number celebrating the publication's tenth anniversary. Nestled near the back, appropriately following "Gangbang: Exploring the Theory" (which is so not as exciting as it sounds), you'll find an interview with ancien terrible Jay McInerney. It's pretty amazing: It starts off with the question "Why do you keep getting married?" and progresses from there.

The four-times wedded McInerney ("The voice of experience") is a revelation, a study in confidence, a man who clearly does not care that he comes off as a deeply repellent person with a Mommy complex. We bet he's even thrilled with the "James Bond as douchebag" portrait the magazine commissioned.

What makes you fall in love?
Like any man, it's very visual, very physical. Men respond instantly to appearances. The kind of physique we go for always corresponds to some memory, whether it's your mother of your first love.

Do you have a "type" of woman?
Yes, my mother [laughs]. Tall, slim, Venetian blonde, very beautiful. If I look back on the twenty women in my life, fifteen of them have looked like her. I always fall for tall, slim blondes. Or the exact opposite: my first [out of four - Ed.] wife was Asian.

[Y]ou've lived with two models. What was that like?
Dreadful. They're so focused on how they look it becomes unbearable. The one I married [The first wife, again - Ed.] was convinced she was horrendous and fat. ...She was totally and neurotically obsessed by herself...

Your worst [sexual experience]?
Years ago I spent half the night chatting up a very beautiful woman. I managed to get her to come back to my place, to undress her and get her into bed. Then when I woke up the next day I realized that she was dead. Before we had a chance to do anything....

Our sympathies are with the woman. Also, our empathies.

Vogue Hommes International
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