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British lit agent Andrew Wylie is a very august person, with some very respectable clients: Philip Roth! Salman Rushdie! Nigella Lawson! But we were all young and not-august sometime, and when Wylie was younger, he fancied himself a poet. Another high-powered agent, Ira Silverberg, happens to own a copy of a chapbook that Wylie published in 1972, which he generously shared with Bookforum. "There's a rumor that he has tried to buy up all of the copies," Silverberg told them. But why? "One can only imagine what a Wylie client like, say, Benazir Bhutto would make of such poems as "Hands up Your Skirt," "Warm, Wet Pants," and the determinedly unlyric "I Fuck Your Ass, You Suck My Cock." Oh! Well now. Being fans of dirtiness, we'd love to know more about these poems. Do any of them contain the words "light" or "water?"

He Is Curious (Yellow) [Bookforum]