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Vince Vaughn's love life, since being permanently de-Anistonized just in time for The Break-Up's DVD release, has amounted (publicly, at least) to one unforgettable evening of giggles and shared secrets with a Gamma Chi Delta sister in Budapest. Leading chronicler of suspect celebrity dining behavior The National Enquirer now reports that Vaughn was spotted drowning out his romance woes at a venerable Japanese eating establishment on Ventura Blvd., asking, between greedy chugs of sake and bites of unagi hand roll, why it's so hard to find the love a good woman.

"Vince was talking so loudly about how terrible everything is, how disappointing women are, and how crazy the movie business is," a fellow diner at Katsu-ya in Studio City, Calif., revealed to The Enquirer.

"Every five minutes or so he went out to smoke a cigarette, and then came back and ordered another bottle of saki. He was so hyper and loud - driving everyone in the restaurant crazy.

"He was talking about 120 miles an hour, and it was complaint, complaint, complaint.

"Vince looked horrible too, as if he hadn't slept in days. His eyes were puffy, and he looked unkempt. He kept throwing his hands in the air, like he wanted to hit someone."

At one point, a 10-year-old asked him for his autograph and Vince rolled his eyes, said the source.

"Vince mumbled something to his friend, like, 'See what I mean? What am I supposed to do - refuse him?' He signed the autograph but didn't look too happy about being approached."

To counter any challengers who might object to their source's subjective version of events, the Enquirer provides as definitive evidence photographic proof of the sleep-deprived actor mid-drunken-sushi-tirade, waving one arm obstinately in the air as he drives home a point about how "either they want me to sign their checks or their napkins. Either way, as soon as I'm done, they're out the door!" before complaining he felt dizzy and passing out moments later in a ceramic dish of red bean ice cream.