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· Things had mostly remained civil between Angelina Jolie and the paparazzi during her ongoing orphan-gathering trip to Vietnam, but earlier today the frustrated actress commanded her bodyguard to fire a warning bird at the swarming photographers; luckily, new son Pax Thien was safely behind the curtain with the actress, where the impressionable youngster would be safe from any emotional scarring should the conflict escalate, forcing Mommy to order her protector to press some ham against the passenger-side window to drive away the rude shutterbugs. [Photo: Getty Images]
· Asthmatic Krelboyne wins potentially Pyrrhic victory over greedy manager!
· That Sanjaya kid sure has some funny hair, doesn't he? At least it's not Phil Spectoresque. Oh, we spoke too soon! Silly us.
· A concerned Page Six hopes against hope that airborne cocksman Ralph Fiennes had the presence of mind to use protection even while in the throes of Mile High passion.