Rumor has it that Conde Nast will launch a new "web network" in late March or early April. The network will incorporate articles from Allure, Jane, Self and Glamour. In the past, Conde's overall web strategy—plumbing existing properties for content, but rebranding that content for the web—has both worked (Epicurious, Concierge) and not-worked (Swoon, Phys, maybe Flip). It's entirely possible that this new venture will be a huge success! Here are some reasons it might not, though. Hint: Brooke Parkhurst.

  • The "weight" not-blog, which will be loosely connected to Self, might be named
  • We hear they're trying to get away with paying not-bloggers $1,000 per month for three posts a day. Of course, the cachet of being remotely associated with the Nast is better than money, right?
  • Oh, right: Brooke Parkhurst may be somehow involved.
  • Well, actually, if Brooke's going to contribute her celeb (Matthew Modine!) studded musings and her indefatigable classiness, maybe there's hope for this exciting new venture!