TV Land To Make All Penny Marshall And Cindy Williams's Employment Dreams Come True

Studios have displayed an increasing reluctance to call upon the droning, nasal direction of Penny Marshall, who hasn't helmed a feature since 2001's Riding in Cars with Boys. (Her Kazakh tween terror project was, unfortunately, yet another reality-blurring concoction of the Entourage writers' room.) Marshall knows the adapt-or-perish Hollywood drill, however, as reports that she is returning to familiar territory—and giving it a contemporary, semi-improvised spin—for her next project, throwing employment-challenged former Laverny & Shirley co-star Cindy Williams a bone while she's at it:

[TV Land]'s president, Larry Jones, said he is developing a loosely scripted show featuring the real Laverne & Shirley, Penny Marshall and Cindy Williams. As themselves.
He said a pilot, with the duo living together at Penny's house, is scheduled to shoot next month. It would pair the actresses in a series for the first time since collaborating on the long-running sitcom, "Laverne & Shirley."

Hopefully the pair have moved beyond their well-publicized, dressing-room-measuring differences of the past, and are ready to share equal billing once again on the pilot, which nicely sets up future episodes in which the DeFazio Halfway House for L&S Regulars Time Forgot opens its doors to any and all former co-stars eager to reconjure some of that mid-century Shotz Brewery magic in exchange for a modest, nourishing paycheck and another shot at America's hearts.