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We've had only one additional report of a Captivity billboard still awaiting removal since this morning's post ("Big one still up at wilshire and wilton next to the 7-11. It's giving the homeless gentleman out front ideas." And this just occurred to us: should we be asking for tips about ones that have been taken down?), but a reader with a good memory passed along this story from a couple of weeks ago, in which a certain, previously obscure small-time studio head who's spent a lot of time lately trying to explain how some OTP ideas mysteriously found their way into his movie's campaign positively glows with pride about the out-of-the -box marketing for another project he's involved in:

The suicide comedy "Wristcutters: A Love Story" will be released in August, with a marketing campaign featuring cardboard cutouts of characters jumping off a bridge, electrocuting and hanging themselves.

The signage will be placed on telephone poles and trees in major markets beginning next month.

We just hope they don't cause too many accidents," said Courtney Solomon, a partner in AfterDark Films, which acquired North American rights to rookie Croatian director Goran Dukic's dark romantic comedy and will release the film through indie distributor Lionsgate.

Since we secretly admire Solomon for delivering the line about Captivity's female-empowerment message with a straight enough face to get THR to print it, we'll supply him with his next no-fault explanation about how his upcoming, sure to be controversial ad campaign escaped into the wild: "I have no idea how those cardboard cut-outs of the guy hanging himself wound up in the trees outside the suicide prevention center. I specifically told the marketing people that while that would be a hilarious place to put them, it would be in poor taste and might draw unwanted attention to our movie. Besides, I thought that everyone was too busy throwing dummies wearing Wristcutters t-shirts into convertibles driving underneath that bridge over the 101 to have time to follow through on the tree thing."