I am not subject to the 'rules' traditional journalists have to follow. Isn't that what new media is all about? Breaking the rules? Setting our own?

That's Amanda Congdon on the recent controversy surrounding her decision to shill for DuPont. As we attempt to negotiate the new paradigm wherein the definition of "journalist" changes from "reporter bound by codes and strictures" to "perky chick with massive cans" we find ourselves filled with questions: Does an on-camera employee under the aegis of a network news department have any ethical obligations to refrain from endorsing products she may one day cover? Are we making a distinction between journalist and performer? Is ABC at this point left holding up a dead rabbit and pretending it's a fur coat? Is there anything the network won't let Congdon do? [Reduction surgery. -Ed.] Tough queries all. We'll just say that when even Jeff "Bloggers Are Better Than Educated Professionals" Jarvis is uncomfortable with your actions, it might be time to rethink your stance.

DuPont ads by ABC News' Congdon raise questions [LAT]