Elmer Fudd inspiration and chef to the minions Wolfgang Puck recently announced he's banning foie gras from his restaurants, only buying eggs from generously-caged fowl and and offering a host of vegetarian (animal free, get it?) meals at many of his many restaurants. So next time you're at the airport, five minutes away from a 8 hour flight, and you see a Wolfgang Puck Gourmet Express, keep on walking brother.

There ain't no foie gras for you to have. Puck had been under pressure from the Humane Society and some other hippie groups one of whom started a website Wolfgang Puck Cruelty. Contrary to the Times report the site is still up but now it reads: Wolfgang Puck Victory.

Wait, does this mean cruelty has become a victor? Just ask the folks from United Egg, from whom Wolfgang Puck pointedly will not be buying eggs, who reacted with all the passion and bitterness of a scorned lover, "We think our program is very progressive and he should look at ours before he goes off with the Humane Society." At first we didn't understand their ardor, but then we saw this Youtube clip and then it all made sense.

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