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"I've left the paper in better shape than I found it," wrote New York Press editor Adario Strange in his very nice farewell, apparently-my-one-year-contract-is-up email today. Okay! Sure! His name will join the ranks of Russ Smith, Jeff Koyen, Harry Siegel, and, um, probably other people who have edited the weekly. Honestly, the institutional memory on the New York Press is getting a little cloudy these days. It's sort of like blocking out having sex with your uncle. Not only do you want to forget the past because it was pretty gross, you want to forget the present because at least back then you were getting some.

Hello All, About a year ago, March 23rd, 2006 to be exact, I accepted an offer from NY Press to serve as their new Editor-in-Chief. It has been a great year, and a great experience running one of New York's classic media brands, but it is time to move on, so I've given my resignation and my well wishes to the NY Press team. Peter Polimino is the best guy I've ever worked for, bar none, Nick Thomas is probably the most fun, and Jerry Portwood has been a pleasure to have on my team from day one. After relaunching the NY Press website and redesigning the paper and logo, the next steps must be taken by someone in a marketing/advertising position who can truly exploit the advantages of the new NY Press. My goal was to change the paper into what it could be and I'm happy that we accomplished that. Having accomplished those goals, am happy to get back to what I had been doing for the prior four years, making independent films. I was supposed to finish/release my next film back in March of 2006, then it was October 2006, and finally I realized that my weekly schedule at the paper would never allow me to do anything but edit the paper. Now that I've left the paper in better shape than I found it, I can move on, without guilt, back into moving pictures. Let the next adventure begin! -Adario Strange