At this point there's almost nothing that would shock us about former mayor Rudolph Giuliani. He ran a high-class escort service out of his office when he was a U.S. attorney? Well, at least he's industrious, etc. But his (third) wife still retains the capacity to surprise: yesterday, in the first of the '08 closet-cleaning skeleton revelations, the former Judith Nathan reveals that she is also the former Mrs. Judith Ross. We expect further spousal revelations to pop up before the primaries like Rose law firm records, so we'd like to get an early jump on them: If you or someone you know was married to one of the Giulianis, please drop us a note using the subject line "I also married Rudy or Judi." BONUS: If you are actually related to either spouse by blood, we will extend you a Gawker commenter invite.

First hubby a 'terrific guy' [NYDN]