Media Bubble: Steady Diet Of Nothing

  • Times Co. to increase dividend by 31%. (But whose idea was it?) So enjoy that extra third of no profits, stockholders! [NYT]
  • Forbes, in a bid to compete with Portfolio, to start a business mag aimed at the all-important vagina-having demographic. And if there's one thing Forbes knows about, it's businessladies. [NYP]
  • Expert witness testifies about NBC/NewsCorp YouTube rival. [GigaOM]
  • Conrad Black trial: continues. [Guardian]
  • The West Coast gets much-needed humiliation: LAT opinion editor does publicist, quits, something to do with Brian Grazer; L.A. is a stupid and mysterious place and gets what it deserves. [WSJ]
  • Journalists: lying sacks of shit. You don't say. [Guardian]
  • Whaddya know? Lauren Conrad may be helping Teen Vogue move mags. [WWD]
  • Politico's Ben Smith sorry that John Edwards cares more about being president than he does about his wife's cancer. [WaPo]