So Victoria Beckham is more than just a high(school)ly educated lit snob who wants to read the classics with Katie Holmes and J. Lo: she's also an author. In fact, in her native Britland, she's a megabestselling author, with two tomes under her teensy belt. The latest, a girl-tips guide called That Extra Half An Inch (hello), has sold 100,000 copies, which is extra impressive considering that the entire country is the size of Florida.

The book, which is published in the UK by Penguin imprint Michael Joseph Ltd, hasn't managed to convince Penguin US to publish the book, though. Quel shame! American readers are missing out. In fact, the book even contains an important clarification on the whole "I've never read a book in my life" front.

There were some jokes a while ago in which people claimed I'd said I'd never read a book. What actually happened was I gave an interview to a Spanish publication and I said that once you have three kids you hardly have time to finish a book, which, as any mum will tell you, is perfectly true.

She's just like any other mum of three, that Posh Spice! So why isn't her book club reading The Secret Life of Bees?