In the post-post Brokeback mash-up era, setting the trailer for a movie in which nearly every frame is filled with the CGI-enhanced six-packs of three-quarters-naked, glistening Greeks to "It's Raining Men" might be a little too easy. But in truth, a flick whose pivotal scene involves a proud King refusing an initiation to kneel down in supplication before a freshly waxed, liberally pierced god-warrior draped in spangly chains (who, it should be noted, travels the countryside in a mobile Vegas hotel shuttled to and fro by strong-backed rentboys) by defiantly shrugging off a seductive shoulder rub and reciting the lyrics to "I Will Survive" is kind of asking for it.

There's a longer version (from a different source) here, but we definitely prefer the punchier, 53-second clip above.