Glaring Omissions reproduces tips received from readers in the last week that weren't covered on Gawker, either by accident (rarely) or design (almost always).

  • "Has Ann Coulter gotten herself a pair of bolt-ons?—Sir or Madam -Check out the picture of formerly flat-as-a-board gaybasher Coulter with the gay Marine porn star on your blog this morning. Annie's sporting some serious gazoom. That's new. Is she stuffing, or has the Colt been hanging with the surgeons? Inquiring minds want to know. So do I. Redact the usual."
  • "The View—Joely Fisher is guest-co-hosting and I CAN'T STOP STARING AT HER TITS. They're all bouncy and exposed."
  • "Don't whore yourself out to FoxNews channel "Queer Guys with RedEye" show..Are you that desperate for attention?"
  • "Tara Subkoff's stuff on ebay—The seller danetteneal on ebay is selling a load of Tara's stuff, including shoes from the Easy Spirit collection worn on the runway. One also gets an autograph of authenticity with their purchase. Why is she doing this? Is IoC not that lucrative? Is the Easy Spirit hookup
    not financial rewarding? The listings make it seem like she is just doing it to make money for herself and not for a charitable cause. Just had to pass this one on because it is so strange."
  • "Re: Brooklynites Will Bring Their Comical Accents, Foul Habits To Delightful Hamptons Bus—Your Manfascinistic blabber is tiresome. Take the fist out of your asses."
  • "I don't know if this is of any interest, but my friends and I have discovered that our NYC water... well, smells. Earlier this week my roommate and I detected an unknown odor in our bathroom. And despite a good cleaning, we couldn't figure out the origin of the scent. In any event, to my relief(?) I discovered this afternoon that several of our friends... in neighborhoods across the city, have also detected this smell."
  • "Ombudsman—Since Coen OBVIOUSLY IMed/e-mailed to tell the Gawkereens that the Conde Nasties weberrific venture would be launching, shouldn't the fact that she was a Gawker editor be mentioned? Full disclosure, people. Full disclosure. You can't be a big media company now without obeying the rules. Tsk, tsk."
  • I want to bring to light the DREADFUL job they are doing at Maxim online. For a website that, I am assuming, has somewhat of a large audience don't you think they would throw a little more money towards their photo shoots like in a studio instead of in their office where any dude that works there could walk by to take a leek? I still cannot get over the last post about Maxim Online you made with the girl in the stable with the huge round hump bump showing!"
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