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In today's episode: Mark Wahlberg, Tom Ford, Courteney Cox, Isla Fisher, Chris O'Donnell, Randy Newman and Wolfgang Puck; Minnie Driver; Gwyneth Paltrow; Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver; Kiefer Sutherland and Scott Ian; Christina Ricci; Ali Larter; Taryn Manning; Heather Mills-McCartney; Michael Rapaport; Laura Dern and Ben Harper; Natasha Gregson Wagner and Ben Harper; Chris Robinson; Harry Hamlin; Sean Stewart and Allan Arbus.

· Spotted at Cut at the Four Seasons Regent Beverly Wilshire last night, in order of appearance:


Mark Wahlberg — surprising to see him already seated when we arrived for our 6 p.m. reservation to nearly empty restaurant. On date with beautiful brunette. We walked right by them en route to our table. Unfortunately, my view was of his back and her front. Midway through their meal, she moved to sit next to him, where I had full PDA views. Upon their departure, I noticed that he was not very tall... nor was she.

Tom Ford — He arrived alone and I was sitting very close to him and had perfect view of him entire night. He faced me so no problem gawking. He looked quite bored at first, munching on breadsticks to keep busy. Someone came from kitchen and brought him back for tour. Later, he was joined by agent/business manager/ publicist looking woman. He had shirt unbuttoned to navel and sport coat.


Chris O'Donnell — he was out with his wife and two other well-dressed couples. All boys wore coats and ties. They were served sliders... not on menu. I also had perfect view of Chris throughout evening with no need to crane my neck; he faced me.

Randy Newman — I couldn't gawk too much as he was seated at table next to me. My boss was just next to him. His table did stare at our desserts when they came out and I know they were talking about them. I love L.A. !!

Isla Fisher (Wedding Crashers and Sacha Baron Cohen fame) sitting next to Courteney Cox. They were sitting at the table where Mark Wahlberg had sat when we arrived. Courteney and Isla faced me. I had perfect view of Courtney without having to look too hard. They were at the table behind Tom Ford. I couldn't see faces of their friends (blonde woman and dark haired guy).

Wolfgang Puck himself — we first viewed him greeting tables. I thought he has certain tables he must visit — celeb / important people tour. But, no, he came to our table too, shook our hands and thanked us for joining him. How's that for p.r.?

This topped my Minnie Driver at brunch sighting on Sunday at BLD.

· Gwyneth Paltrow, Tuesday, in the Pulp 'n Hide candy shop next to the Brentwood Country Mart, apparently channeling the same rainy day sweet tooth as me and my girl. Dressed in skinny jeans, and a black sweater, her hair was pulled back and Apple was on her hip. Didn't want to inspect too closely - got the grew-up-in-Malibu, B.F.D. thing down pat. Perhaps because the seas didn't part in her presence - the proprietor, whose face registered celebrity recognition, was in no hurry to finish up with me and my daughter - I detected some slight hostility from Miss "I am so blessed."

Her half pint kept asking what kind of jelly beans she was going to get, and what color they were going to be. The place is cramped, and we were standing at the counter, where the jelly bellies are. When we were paying, Apple again asked about her choices, and Gwyneth this time said, "Wait until these people move out the way, and then we can see," but the key words "these people" and "move" were distinctly lacking the pleasant vocal inflection that you might expect from a mere plebe.

But no hostility was directed towards her offspring. Instead there was plenty of smothering mothering. Lots of kisses and assorted terms of endearment. No, no one can love child like Gwyneth.

· Sunday March, 18th 11:30 am-ish - spotted Arnold "the Governator" Schwarzenegger and skeletor wife Maria Shriver with family, no doubt AFTER church services, having brunch at Ivy at the Shore. Sadly, everyone there resisted the urge to tell him "I"LL BE BACK"

· 3/19 at Mat Kearney/Rocco DeLuca show at HOB: Kiefer Sutherland skulking around Foundation Room, trying to look important (isn't he Rocco's manager? No Christmas trees in sight, sadly). Scott Ian (Anthrax) hanging out at the FR bar with a lady. He must be an FR member, as all the bartenders seemed to know him and he was INCREDIBLY nice and looked totally the same in person as he does in pictures and TV. Also, some guy in a bunny suit was rocking out like I had never seen to Rocco. He should be a celebrity.

· Spotted a surprisingly short Kiefer Sutherland hanging out in the Foundation Room at the House of Blues on Sunset last night (Mon, 3/19). His band, Rocco Deluca, was performing (along with Matt Kearney & The Feeling). I had rail access for this show until a few hours before I rolled down to the venue, have a feeling word that Jack Bauer & Co. would be rolling through caused me to lose my spot. I would be offended, but he provided enough eye candy while I got my drink on at the bar to make up for it.

· Thursday March 22nd Starbucks Gower & Sunset

Buying a morning coffee who should I spot but the little bundle of Joy that is Christina Ricci. Looking casual yet stunning.

I assumed she was open to a little conversation so I looked her way however she put on her sunglasses and looked down so I guess not.

In any case when her drink was up she quickly grabbed it, thanked the barista and headed out.

· This may be too late, but yesterday morning (Monday 3/19) I saw Ali Larter (alone) at the Coffee Bean (Sunset/Fairfax). She was wearing workout clothes, ponytail, was on her cell phone the entire time, no/minimal makeup, looked very pretty.

The night before, Sunday (March 18) saw Taryn Manning with a guy, walking on Franklin in Hollywood around Bronson, by that little strip of shops/restaurants. She looked a bit prettier in person, but was scowling at the people in line for UCB Theater's free Sunday night AsssCat show, which made her face look hideous. Too high heels and an outdated Balenciaga motorcycle bag—canvas/leather mix.

· first time submitter! yay! today, tuesday 20th, 1pm, bev hills. saw heather mills-mccartney walking south on dayton at canon toward her chauffered green (suspenseful inhale)... trailblazer. yeah. i said trailblazer. she was wearing the skinniest black lycra pants imagineable; at least down to the knee, where they flared out dramatically around 3 inch wicked witch of the west boots. i noticed she was limping and thought, 'aw, tiny dancer!"; then promptly cursed myself for forgetting the whole leg thing. oops.
good: it appeared she brownbagged lunch. or lady likes her leftovers.
bad: go go gadget nostrils. i never noticed their spectacular flair.

· On Saturday afternoon I saw Michael Rapaport of The War At Home and Beautiful Girls walking down Larchmont outside of Jamba Juice. He was walking towards me on the street and when we made eye contact and he realized I recognized him he crossed the street! Get over yourself buddy. I don't care enough about you and your d-list ass to interrupt my run for an autograph. He should be thrilled he's even recognized. As Stephanie Tanner would say "How rude!"

· Tuesday 3/20 'round 2pm - Laura Dern and Ben Harper meeting up with some regular folk at Joe's Diner on Main St in Santa Monica. Ben was in dark pants and a plaid flannel shirt and ballcap and Laura was in dark jeans and a black quilted ski parka. I think she's in her 40s, but her skin is amazing. She looks maybe 35.

· Today (March 22) on Arizona Ave and 20th St in Santa Monica, on the sidewalk I saw very small and cute Natasha Gregson Wagner filming something or other. When I passed by again, I walked right by some really old hairy dude in sunglassesa and a baseball cap who *might* have been director/photographer Larry Clark. I guess he's making a movie with her? As of today imdb begs to differ...

· 3/18/07 at Whole Foods on Ventura Blvd. in Woodland Hills around 8pm. Chris Robinson from the Black Crowes at the cash register. Tall, scraggly, and thin, but looked clean. The dude must be around 6'3". It was packed at WF, but he waited in line patiently just like the rest of us. Couldn't see what he was buying b/c I was three registers away. I remember somebody ripping on him earlier for living in the West Valley, but there are a ton of studios up in the hills of Woodland Hills. I've seen Stephen Perkins (drummer for Jane's Addiction) and other musicians at WF before.

· After seeing "300" for the second time, I was walking with my boyfriends family at the Calabassas Commons, only to notice Belle Gray, Lisa Rinna's store. Just as I was explaining to them who Lisa Rinna was, Harry Hamlin and their children walked by. He is a very slight man, good-looking, but slightly manorexic. Their kids are really cute.

· I am so excited that I get to send this in:
Driving up Beverly Drive in Beverly Hills on Saturday, March 17th and pulled up next to Sean "Rod's Son" Stewart. He was driving a black BMW. He looked too young and cute in spite of all the tatoos. I pointed him out to my bf but he just figured he was some rocker. But I knew he had to be some kind of celebrity. We both work in the biz but couldn't figure it out. Then I saw a promo for Son's of Hollywood last night. Eureka! Gotta write to Defamer!

· 3/22 While I'd never give up a big star unless they cut in line, took my parking spot or pulled a "do you know who I am?" since I think celebrity obsession is part of the vapid, snarky downfall of America - okay, that's my "I'm better than you" disclaimer - but I swear I just saw M*A*S*H's Major/Dr. Sydney Freedman and ubiquitous guest star himself Allan Arbus, hubby of the late Diane (impress your friends with the correct pronunciation: "Dee-ann!") and pop of Amy (pronounced "Amy" - you'd think they would have been more creative) at the Brentwood post office. The guy looks damn good for an IMDB-researched 89 years, proving the value of years of weekly fictional sitcom psychotherapy, I suppose. That is all. (that's a M*A*S*H reference, kids!)