Debut novelist Dana Vachon is all over the news of late, with a mention of his new book in today's roundup of Wall Street-themed titles in the Times Biz section, that New York mag bit about how he knows that the people who will buy his book will do so because it's trendy ("I know my audience. They don't read a book a week. My audience is people who are going to go out and buy this book because they've heard they have to read it") and of course, yesterday's A Night Out With column, which found Vachon recreating a scene from his novel at Le Bilboquet with the people who his characters are based on.

Both that piece and the New York profile portray a young man whose success is so assured that he's not afraid of seeming overconfident. However, it was a different Vachon who emerged from the newsstand at the corner of Spring and Lafayette not long ago. He walked down the street with his brow furrowed and nose buried deep in the fresh copy of New York in his hands; he flipped through the pages frantically. Perhaps he was boning up on his insurance options. He was shorter than I expected.

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