The two loft buildings on McKibben street—in the lands between the Morgan and Montrose L stops—rise like beacons of Manhattan developers' real plans for the wilderness of Brooklyn. But now this site, where the hipsters frolic in American Apparel and party until dawn appears, has strangely been uprooted, leaving many of its inhabitants confused.

When a resident, who wishes to remain anonymous for fear of retribution, returned home recently, he saw a small paper sign above his mailbox: "Your old address was 265 McKibben Apt. 40xx. You're [sic] new address is 255 McKibben Apt. 51xx. " And just like that, the building's residents had become IDPs.

Said resident describes a chaotic scene in which mail goes undelivered and at least one man's Social Security card rests unclaimed and undeliverable on the mailbox. "Envelopes are scattered on the floor," he relates, "the signs have mostly been ripped down." But it gets worse. "One of my Netflix didn't arrive." When asked which one it was, our befuddled resident replied, "The Obscure Object of Desire, that Bu uel film. Ironic, no?" Wait—is it?

[Photo: Eleveline/Flickr]