We fully copped to the fact that some of our bad boss stories were sometimes a little lame, but they were lame for good reasons. For one thing: lawyers. For two things: even more lawyers. When the Post undertook a similar effort today, they did things a little differently: they didn't name names. Maybe they thought that would help them get the juicy stuff! Did it work, though? Well, here's this story from Person X, who worked for a mean magazine editor. "She had a big red pencil, and when they'd give your manuscript back to you your heart just exploded from fear, because her comments were completely evil... She used to make sure we were at our desks every night until 6. I remember New Year's Eve, sitting at my desk at 5:59, knowing she'd be watching. It was a very sick work culture." Appalling. Who could this insane slavedriver be?

True Tales From The Toxic Trenches [NYPost]
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