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So our call for drunk journalist anecdotage has resulted in a steady flow of booze-fuelled reminiscences, many of which involve Post hack Steve Dunleavy, who apparently likes to drink. But surely you can do better: We've personally observed several examples of the fourth estate returning its dinner to the earth. We don't want to dig these out, but unless you're more forthcoming, we may have to. Following, an example of what we're looking for.

One NYT auto writer is notorious drunk driver, fond of racing hoopties* down the Lodge FWY at 110 miles per hour back when he worked at Detroit Free Press. The auto insurance premiums Knight-Ridder had to pay for him were allegedly astronomical. Even better, he told me personally he used to be a coke dealer but narrowly escaped conviction—in what is an inarguably brilliant plan, he was paying for J-school with the profits. And perhaps even better than that: the Free Press let him go to Cuba, via Canada, to do story on hoopties there and he managed to get his guide/interpreter PG, and has a 5-year-old kid there he's utterly uninterested in. Nothing Steve Dunleavy has ever done could top that!

Now, this is good, but there are a few things that would make it better. For instance, names people! (Nexis will cough it up sooner or later, but we're so busy impregnating our own interpreters.) Also, less along the lines of "drove drunk a lot," because that just makes people cry, and more along the lines of "threw up on the Xerox machine and then made copies of it for his editors." Specificity, people. Finally, please do not attempt to challenge Steve Dunleavy's supremacy; we are asking for the acts of mere mortals, after all. One does not outdrink Zeus. Thanks, kids. Keep those cards and letters coming.

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*We're assuming this is some type of automobile. Where the fuck are we, Jalopnik?