Remainders: 'NYT' Catfight

  • NYT managing editor Jill Abramson gets into it with playwright David Hare, tells him that the Times is "the central arbiter of taste and culture in the city of New York." We'd argue with that—but if it isn't, well, what is? Right. Also: theater people are never fucking happy with anything. [NYP]
  • Elle magazine editor and Project Runway judge Nina Garcia gives birth to human baby! [The Daily]
  • The New Yorker corrects the record to show that poetess Dana Goodyear submitted a (presumably rejected) poem to Poetry in 2003. [ETP]
  • First looks at the Libertine for Target collection. Bright colors! Fun! [Fashionista]
  • The forthcoming Greenwich Hotel will "make the Bowery Hotel look like the Red Roof Inn." [DBTH]
  • Old journalist interviews young journalists, pontificates. [AJR]