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It seems that whatever evil rainmaking ritual Hillary Clinton participated in during her recent trip to the CAA Death Star (human sacrifice was presumably involved, as we're hearing reports they're still trying to power-wash the blood off Bryan Lourd's office walls) paid off handsomely, as the skies above billionaire Democratic cheerleader Ron Burkle's compound opened on Saturday night and showered the N.Y. senator's campaign with a possible showbiz record $2.6 million in donations, according to Clinton fundraising group Let's Not Throw That Hollywood Victory Party Just Yet, Mr. Popular. The gauntlet has clearly been thrown at the feet of Chief Obamamania Entertainment Industry Strategist David Geffen, who's faced with the difficult decision of whether to throw another beach party for his political king, schedule a new interview session with Maureen Dowd in which he shockingly reveals that he once saw Hillary kill a drifter with her bare hands (a crime her philandering husband assisted in covering up), or have troublemaking rival Burkle disappeared, hoping to cut off a source of future funds.