A story that has been unfolding like the petals of some delicate flower on the Williamsboard.com message boards since Sunday afternoon has finally reached its conclusion. "Selena," who started the thread with the simple words "I have a tampon stuck," has been delivered of her cottony stopper, with the aid of many helpful suggestions ranging from "maybe make a speculum out of spoons" to "not vaseline, now that will fuck up yr ladiness." Apparently, the removal was finally effected with the aid of a "friend and lube." But why was Selena seeking medical counsel from the internet in the first place? Why couldn't she go, as one person suggested, to the "fee-mergency room?" Well, she is currently uninsured. If only that New York magazine article about Young Invincibles had not already been written!

I Have A Tampon Stuck [Williamsboard]
[Image via My Paper Crane]